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Our Responsibility
Welcome to Thumbs-up Safety


Established in 2002 Thumbs-Up Safety specialise in the manufacture and distribution of quality Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Workwear solutions. The business, which is based in Jinhua,Zhejiang Province itself on delivering outstanding customer service. We are renowned for the quality of our products and have a dedicated Technical team that helps organisations ensure their on-going compliance with all necessary the U.S, European and International standards.Thumbs-Up Safety was identified as one of the Chinese Brand's 10000 Companies to Inspire China.The report is a celebration of the China's fastest-growing and most dynamic small and medium sized businesses. We are committed to continued growth, the continual improvement of our Quality Management System and in satisfying applicable requirements, including statutory and regulatory.

We recognize that reductions in waste, and improvements in process understanding and compliance, will help to ensure the sustainability of our organisation; as will the maintenance of our organisational knowledge for the consistent provision of product and service, and for business continuity purposes.

We are committed to maintaining accredited ISO 9001:2015 certification through co-operation, motivation and effective collaboration with all our stakeholders. This will ensure consistency of approach, continual improvement and confidence/trust in our processes to deliver products and services to requirements.

Quality objectives will be set to support this policy the organisation's changing context. These will be reviewed at Top Management's monthly reviews.

We are committed to enhancing customer satisfaction through the effective application of our Quality Management System and with it a socially responsible attitude to the manufacture and distribution of all our products and services.

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