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  • Flame resistant vs. Fire retardant - What is the difference between flame resistant clothing and fire retardant clothing?

    Flame resistant materials and clothing will not melt or drip when exposed directly to flames or extreme heat. In order to be classified as flame resistant a fabric must self-extinguish in 2 seconds or less after exposure to direct flame. The official test method to determine whether a fabric is flame resistant or not is ASTM D6413, aka the vertical flame test. Flame resistant fabrics gain their self-extinguishing properties either from the use of inherently flame resistant fibers or flame resistant treatments.

    Flame retardant materials stop or slow the process of catching fire or reduce its intensity. These fabrics or clothing can be made from any material but must be treated with a special chemical to qualify as flame retardant. Fabrics used to make this clothing are not made with non-flammable fibers.

  • What makes FR clothing flame resistant?

    Flame resistant refers to the article of FR clothing that is made to self-extinguish when the flame source is removed from the article of clothing.

    FR clothing is manufactured with fabrics that have unique properties that stop the clothing from igniting, melting or dripping when exposed to an open flame, which reduces burn injuries to its wearers.

  • How to wash FR clothing?

     Machine wash at the recommended temperature

     Dry at the recommended temperature setting

     Determine if detergent can be used when washing FR clothing

     If detergent is recommended to wash FR clothing, check what type

     Determine if your article of FR clothing can be dry cleaned

     Refer to see if your FR clothing can be ironed

     Check tag to see which colors FR clothing can be washed with

     Determine if FR clothing can or should be dried in sunlight

     Do NOT use chlorine bleach or detergents containing bleach

     Do NOT use hydrogen peroxide

     Do NOT use fabric softeners

     Tumble dry on low or hang dry when possible

     Always read tag for specific instructions before washing FR clothing or PPE

    Thumbs-Up Safety manufactures flame resistant clothing from several different types of fabrics. Each brand and fabric has specific instructions for how to care for FR clothing.

    If you have further questions on washing your flame resistant clothing, you can always ask a tech at THUMBS-UP, or reach out to a customer service representative, or a regional sales manager.

  • How do I wash my FR rain gear?

     Wash warm at a max temperature of 120F/50C

     Wash using mild detergent

     Wash separately from other garments

     Remove oil based stains using Dawn Dish Liquid (Hyrdrolite FR & Targo FR only)

     Wash using warm, soapy water and rinse with plain water (Arc H20 FR gear)

     Rinse 4 times to remove all soil and detergent residue

     Completely rinse before drying

     Always read the label and launder per instructions on the garment label

     Do NOT use bleach or chlorine

     Do NOT use hydrogen peroxide

     Do NOT use fabric softeners

  • How to dry your FR gain gear

     Do NOT dry clean

     Turn garment inside out before drying

     Tumble dry on permanent press – medium heat (Hydrolite & Targo only)

     Arc H20 – Air dry ONLY

    All of those properties are important to protect when washing your FR rain gear and following these laundering care guidelines will help you wash your FR rainwear at home safely.

    If you have further questions on washing your FR rain gear, you can always ask a tech at Thumbs-Up Safety, or reach out to a customer service representative or a regional sales manager.

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